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3 ways to publicize your blog post to readers

Every blogger want to drive more traffic to its blog,we have already tried social media to publicize and to increase social following.However,there are many more ways to deliver your post with your hardcore readers to make sure they do not miss any of the post.

Accordingly there are more ways that can result in high traffic rate.So have a look below.

Mobile application

Smartphone app is the today's most hottest way as the rate of smartphone users has been increased with the time.

To create a good looking and good working app is not a bit deal but if you have any app developer in your area then you can request him or can hire any app developer.Second way you can adopt is to use online app builder that can provide some more functionalities.

Making a smartphone app can give a draw back in a form of money top.If you want to monetize your app then you can do it by adding advertistment banner in it.

Browser Plugin

Chrome and Firefox are some of the modern browser that comes with plugin store in which any developer can give its plugin.The plugin can have various features that can be integrated with your blog.

Same problem goes here,you need to code the plugin according to the browser.For it any developer can help you or learn it yourself to make it.

E-Mail Subscription

E-mail subscription is a easy and comfortable way to distribute your articles to everyone.The best way to collect the subscription through E-mail is to use Feedburner.It is a tool provided by Google to set up a E-mail subscription.Then every post you will publish will be send to your subscribers.

Through E-mail subscription you will get too many E-mail through which you can also send them important news and promotions.

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