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8 advertising solutions for your site or product promotion

8 advertising solutions for your site or product promotion

Advertising is the biggest monetizing way used by some giant web industries,their advertising is solutions are successful because of their targeted audience and tools for advertiser.These advertising solutions will going to cover this post.However,advertising of any site is the last option for promotion,instead Social networking helps too much in promotion of site.But if you think advertising can solve your problem then have a look at the sites below.


Mark Zukerberg become world's youngest billionaire in 2008.Mark founded and current CEO of Facebook.He used advertising as to monetize Facebook,currently Facebook serves ads to only targeted people by CPM and CPC.Using of Facebook will help you to target between more than 1 Million registered Facebook account.Ultimately it will give more outcome in less cost.

Google Adwords

Google Adward the service by Google.Currently the largest advertising solution for advertiser.Google Adward is good in a sense that is shows ads on worlds most using search engine that is Google.Secondly,Google Adward provides good targeting options.Third,Google Adward is in Youtube too,it means you can give video ads to Youtube.

Yahoo! ads

However,not the biggest but still counted in some major web industries now a days.Yahoo! also serve targeted ads.It serves ads to their web publishers and to its search engine.Yahoo search engine is the second most using search engine in the world.


The best choice for the bloggers and website owners.BuySellAds is an advertising market where publisher give some specific ad spaces on their blogs or website.A advertiser can choose from thousands of publisher and can select according to their current site stats and can reserve a ad space for a particular price.

The link shorten service that serve ads with each short link.Each click gives revenue to the provides good rates for advertiser and the most importantly each ad can be skip after 5 second not before that.It is good in a way that it is using by lots of publisher and quite famous in advertising marketing.One more advantage is the ad will show up whole screen,beside the small banners.


Chitika is a wide advertising agency,though it is used by tons of publisher,hence you won't find anything difficult while targeting a huge audience to serve ads.Chitika also provides inline and banner both type of ads.

Inline ads (8 advertising solutions for your site or product promotion)
This is an example of inline ads


Infolinks is one more way to serve inline and banner ads to targeted audience by one of the most popular ad network between the web publisher.Infolinks have sidebar popup ads,inline and banner ads.Importantly,the prices are not over.If you want to promo your site then must try this one.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion have video and banner ads.It means you can give videos to display too.Tribal Fusion is also a successful marketing agency in the advertising market.It serve ads to those publisher having a good visitor rate it means you ads will show up on trusted sites only.


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