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Create a free website with Wix today.Its HTML5

With a HTML5 website builder and free tools WIX is providing 100s of free templates to create a stunning site.However,WIX also sings the same song as other site builder,they gives ad on free accounts,hence read this article only if can bear the ads on your website.So lets see what WIX gives in its free package.

WIX is having good customers rate as it is having various features as listed below.

We love "Drag & Drop"

Drag and drop is the only thing a newbie website maker wants.No need to code,no need to worry just drag the element and drop it on desire place.Still many entrepreneur which are close with any field like cooking and gardening are creating a huge number of websites to grab attention.Then obviously a cooker does not knows how to code a website,then just use WIX to make a pretty site.

Search Engine Friendly

WIX provides search engine optimization to provide good visiting rate.SEO is the key that people usually forget while creating a website.Even sometimes people pays high amount to the designers to optimze the site according to search engine.Hence,you have not to worry about search engines WIX will manage it for you.


Widgets are the tools procided to make the website more useful in a way that the user can add social buttons to increase social fan following and as a blogger I know how much it is important to have more fan following.Like social widget,there are many widgets that enhance the usage of the site.

Even create a online store

You can integrate payment transfer service with your website,but you will need to upgrade your account in order to create commercial website.To integrate payment transfer service you do not require to know any API,instead WIX provided easy to use wizard.So lets start with it.

Last Words

At the end there are many features and tools provided by WIX to make the WIX the world's best HTML5 web builder and really WIX team has done a brilliant job in the web development.

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