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How can you increase the user experience in responsive website?

How can you increase the user experience in responsive website?

User Experience (UX) can be increase by make the user interface better for different screen sizes.I've read some articles proved that still designers do some of the mistakes while designing a responsive sites,specially for small screen sizes.In this post I'm going to give some suggestion while designing a siter for better UX.

Where is sidebar?

In most of the responsive sites,the sidebar get hide in small screen sizes.As they do not get adjust with small screen sizes;Or many times sidebar is below the main content,which is according to me is a wrong way.Instead you can try solution like sliding sidebar,add a button on the header,as a user clicks on it the sidebar will slide out from a side that makes convenient for the reader to access main as well as sidebar.

For more help you can try Jquery panel slider plugin that is:jPanelMenu or you can have a dos of Jquery Mobile.

Why navigation bar is too untidy?

Navigation in small screen sizes seems too untidy as many of the navigation menus are not well designed.Navigation menu should be design in a way that it acquire less space and when ever someone click on it,it should expand the links.For this you can use drop down menu by using <select> or you can design your own with CSS.

I've already shared that how can you convert Blogger navigation widget into a dropdown in different screen sizes.But for more help here is an inspirational responsive navigation.
How can you increase the user experience in responsive website?
A screenshot of Cappuccino in different screen sizes.
Cappuccino is a free Blogger template,responsive and well coded designed by Blogger Ever.Get it Now.
This above is an example in different screen sizes.The most advantage of using drop down listing using <select> tag is that it is get supported in mobiles and other gadgets.

Wow! The text is too big.

If we design a website for any other screen size then we sometimes forget to change the font size of post and even everything.Still it is confusion between fluid and responsive site.Fluid are those site having width in percentage while responsive sites having each and every element according to different screen sizes then why not text? 

I've read some articles,they encountered a problem saying that the reader has to scroll too much to read a small content.The reason is the font is too big that it makes issue for reader.Make sure that when ever you are setting up a website according to a different screen size,you must check in particular mobile device or you can try some online responsive site check.

Was this site I visited in my computer?

Designing a responsive site doesn't mean to remove or change the website components.Actaully,many designers removes the stuff that couldn't be shown in a small screen sizes which should not be done.Acctually I think design those elements in a manner that they can fit with small screen sizes.

We do not forget that today 35% internet users are using them from mobiles.Hence do code your site pretty with some great designs and make sure that user experience do not destroy.

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