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7 reason not to have to many post on home page in personal blog

Adding of too many post on the home page is not at all a good deal because its effect the user behavior in many ways that can ultimately cause of many negative consequences.As a web user I considered the following point that will loss your visitors:

Looks like magazine

Normally,a personal blog is always having the less content and organize in a different manor.Secondly,personal blogs are far different from news or magazine blog that contain over whelming content that is not expecting on home pages of personal blogs.Hence reduce the amount of post on each page.

Hides your fresh content

Its a general observation that personal blogs are updated either daily or after 2 to days interval.If you will add too many posts,on each page,then you will find your updated content is hiding behind the huge words.As people wants new content,hence make your updated content more highlighted.

Disturbs the beauty

Personal blogs have a beauty in a sense that if I talk about a fashion blog,then that blog will contain some pictures or graphic content to make it visible to the users to attain the visitor attention towards your self.Lots of overwhelming content hides all the beauty of the blog behind the words.

Increase the loading time

It is a major concern by the bloggers,that if your blog takes too much time on load,then visitor might do not visit or else it can decrease your visiting ranking too much because normally each post on home page contain 1 image and if you will add 10 post on homepage then 10 images of large size will take a effective time period.

Do not let the user to scroll

Users do not want to scroll too much on home page to find the desire content,as time is money therefore no one wastes their time to find your content.

Unhealthy for responsive design

Responsive design,the most raised issue among the designers because the use of smart phones and different smart devices has been boost since last two decades.In small size device,the sidebar sometimes get in the down and if you will add too many post then the user will keep scrolling for sidebar and for footer.Therefore,avoid adding more post on home page.


Use 4 to 5 post on home page,maximum 6,or else it will cause the above mention problems.Secondly,try to add the images of those size which are really require because they plays a leading role to increase the page loading time.

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