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How to create CSS-tricks like navigation menu by HTML5 and CSS3?

CSS-tricks,one of the most inspiring web design and development blog I follow.It is maintained by Chris Coyer.The navigation of its site is somehow impressive but a little tricky to code.That is why I got something to show,have a look.
See the Pen CSS Tricks like navigation menu by Mohammad Hamza Dhamiya (@hamzadhamiya) on CodePen

What is behind the scene?

As in above pen you can see the code.But let me tell you that this navigation requires some of the editing like:you have to first count the number of links in the navigation menu.Then adjust the width of each of them in percent ( % ).Secondly,according to the number of links,you have to change the z-index value of each so that the shadow reach on one and other.Make sure that the last child set the box-shadow:none because we do not want any shadow at last child.

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