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How using of hastag can increase your blog traffic rate?

How using of hastag can increase your blog traffic rate?

Everyone is well aware about the #hashtag.Actually,it is the term written without any special character with a hash (#) in the beginning.After publishing the post,it converts into a link and on click on that link will open up a page that contain all the post from the respective website having the same hashtag on their status.It usually help to find trendy topics on the days.Like #ThrowbackThursday.But how does it helps to increase blog traffic,have a look:

It shows trend

As I told hashtag shows whats going on others wall related to this tag.For example if you have posted the death report of Paul Walker (RIP) on your blog on the same day of his death and posted it on Google + with a hashtag with #PaulWalker and your blog link.Then,it will be a part of #PaulWalker stream and if someone will click the same hashtag on any other post it will directly show your post and other posts (sort according to time).

In this way your post will be visible to more than your followers and it will create more clicks to your blog.As many people are posting the recent news on their wall so make sure that your hashtag is something to related to news.

It could be events

Like take an example of Christmas or Eid.They are the festivals and people love to share their culture and religion on their wall.If you have posted something related to the recent event on your blog like related to special clothing on fashion blog or something like that then the same phenomenon will apply as above is having.

Last words

The conclusion I can made is try to post intresting and recent running topics hashtag with a blog to increase the clicks on the link and try to get maximum benefit from social media.

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