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Now collect payment from any US company with your Payoneer US bank service

Payoneer is a online payment solution,provided virtual US bank account service it means you can create a American bank account even if your non-US citizen.This service help you to receive payment from Paypal and you can withdraw the Paypal payments easily by this service.Just create a Payoneer account and verify yourself and you will receive a master card (for more read this).But now it let you receive payments from any US company check it out.

Actually Payoneer has recently partnered with some more companies that will help the US service account holders to receive payment from any US company.

How to access this service?

The E-mail is sent to every account holder if you haven't received or deleted then do not worry.Sign into your Payoneer account > Receive PaymentUS Payment Profile.

Points to be noted

  • You can only recieve payments,can't send.
  • You cannot receive payments from any individual,this service is only for US company.if someone send the payment,it will send back.

Do old accounts will be effected ?

The old accounts will not be effected at all.The way you were using it,you can use it in the same way.


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