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What does it takes to drive money from a blog?

What does it takes to drive money from a blog?

Monetizing of blog is one of the dream for many bloggers,however they are still confused about this one.So as some reasons are still their that creates boundary between you and the money.So lets discus those reason and the solution for them.Those who want to make money just drive in,


Traffic is the most important reason while making money.Traffic can be increase or decrease due to some major reasons that is loading time,responsiveness,not SEO friendly site or low quality content.All these reasons becomes the cause of less traffic.The more traffic you will drive the more money you will grab.Lets make it a bit lengthy,

Loading time

Loading time can be increased by many reasons I've already shared an article related to this one.The summary is that there are many reasons like heavy loading scripts,images and flash content that ultimately cause of more loading time and for that read the article to minimize the page loading time.

SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is now becoming more popular between the bloggers even I received 9 requests from Search engine experts for search engine optimization.All the content on your blog that is going to be searched by the global search engine shows you content according to the rating of your blog if your blog is having good quality markup and content then you will have good status in search rankings.

Google is today's most using search engine because it ranks the sites according to a logarithm which is designed by Google to make sure that the user get right result.


Responsiveness really a great reason of traffic because today about 25 to 30% users are using internet from their smartphones,their smartphones having different screen sizes so we have to make sue that the site should be optimized to largest to smallest site and for that I've already shared a lots of responsive design articles have a look on them.

Low quality content

What does it takes to drive money from a blog?

Content makes the major differ,sometimes content is good but first you have to make sure that what your content is about and makes a outline for your blog that for what you have to post.Just publicize each and every post with social media and other ways.

Extra ways

For more you can advertise your blog content through advertising solutions or create good neighbours for link exchange strategy.Even more you can write guest post and submit your blog to more directories like dmoz.Google has also provided Google webmaster,get friendly with Google webmaster.


What does it takes to drive money from a blog?Advertising,either it is CPC or CPM their is a particular ad provider and their is specific demands for a publisher for a good advertising agency.For example Google Adsense,it is the largest advertising agency working with lots of publisher each publisher must comply with the adsense demands in order to show the ads on its specific blog.

These demands must be good social following,high traffic rate,good Alexa and Google ranking or something else.So your blog should comply with its demands.So lets take it a bit lengthy,

Good Social Following

What does it take to have a good social following?

Well,I've already shared the answer in a previous post.But as a summary I would like to say that attractive and social profiles with good content update gets more followers.Hence,do design a good covers and profile pictures to display a well image in front of users.

Alexa and Google ranking

Google ranking increase according to Google alogarithm.It is a system in which Google checks the site according to its demands and give rating the page.The more our site will match with Google alogarith,the more Google ranking we will have.

For Alexa ranking I found if we will have good traffic and post publishing rate then we will have good Alexa positions else it doesn't take time to decrease the ranking.

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