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What is a role of Youtube integration with blogging?

YouTube,a video sharing site that have the longest video of 48 hours.It have 4 billion daily YouTube videos views and this social platform is known for its features and ease of use for publishing videos.So have a look why it is beneficial to use YouTube with blogging.

This post is not for all bloggers but for those why think that their opinions and post can be displayed in a video then have a look on this post because it is a fact that using of different media helps to build a better visiting rate.

With my clinch of knowledge I know that if you will search something in Google seach engine and if it is present on Youtube then it will be visible on search engines and sometimes on higher ranking,if you would add high quality videos of better content you will find yourself in many benefits as given below:


Youtube let you add the description with the video so if you think that something is relevant to this video or if you want to showcase your link their then better to use it because it gives a backlink to your site.

Despite video,your profile also adds link that can be helpful for you to give your other social accounts and a link of your blog for more visiting rate.

Different Media

Without any doubt,a blogger knows that the use of different media from text attract more visitors,this is the reason that many top blogs publish their videos to increase the visiting rate.In fact I think that the use of video is one of the best way to convey your message.

Specially when you are giving tutorial related to something,I do suggest to use videos to describe it.Accordingly instead of using any other social video sharing site I suggest to use Youtube because of more ease of use.

Youtube in search engines

This point is something very important to know.I'd give a clinch in above heading,but let me tell you that if you will use search friendly keywords in the title of the video,then your video will be visible to search engines on the relevant search queries.

Instead of other social sites,YouTube is more visible in search engines and have the largest visiting rate in video sharing site,so it will give more audience.

Last Words

Youtube is a tool that will only give benefit,instead of wasting any resource a blogger should take advantage from these resources to make your blog live longer.

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