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How can you use E-Mail subscribers for your blog,efficiently?

Being a Blogger I want many E-mail subscribers to be in my subscription list,but do you know that how do I manage that list and use it? Actually with the enhancement in the blogging tools Mail Chimp and many other tools are available for free user that are very efficient for your campaign and for few several things.In this post I am going to highlight them and give a brief account on them.

Send Your Post Notification

Tools like Feed Burner,are far more useful in delivering the post door to door,I mean mail to mail very easily.Just setup a Feed Burner account,add a e-mail subscription form and let the user to add E-mail.This E-mail list will be delivered with your every post.

Beside only using this subscription list for this purpose,you can export the list of the e-mail and can use them for different purpose but make sure it do not goes under the act of spam.

Tell Them What Hot?

Every week from your analysis by Google analytics,have a look that which post have the best rate of visitor or comments and tell your subscribers about this and let them to read that post or article,since every well written article goes good hence the reader might take interest in it.

Like weekly,you can send them monthly magazine through Mail Chimp to let them know some of the hottest discussion on your blog.Customize your E-mail and add several links to your blog to get more help in getting more visits.

Spread Some Love.Give Some Freebies

To increase some curiosity among your subscribers about your e-mail subscription spread some freebies among them so that they never unsubscribe from your e-mail list and it will also leave a good impression to them.Freebies could be an a good icon set,PS brushes,a WP template or a Blogger Template.

Announce some more!

With some freebies announce some future plannings,competitions and you can even tell your readers about your stats of your blog to aware them how much popular you are been among them.Actually,announcing behind the scene stuff creates the bond more stronger between the blog and the reader.

Is it in the inbox?

People with overwhelming e-mail boxes usually uses filters to categorize their e-mail from which many of the e-mail goes to spam box.Spam e-mail 70% people even not look and send them to trash.To avoid this,do use online tools like Email Spam Test to test your e-mails from spam filters.


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