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Long terms effects of using black hat SEO techniques

Long terms effects of using black hat SEO techniques
Using bad SEO techniques is no doubt a wrong way and misleading way to run a blog.Blog is something that is to share what you have in the form of post.But,bloggers are their in the market for just to become popular,they do blogging.

At a glance at those blogs who have the copied content makes me feel too bad and arises a question is it really worth it?
Some of the bad SEO techniques has been shared by Marziah Karch (


But if you are doing bad SEO techniques from a long time will be:

Banned Search Engines

Long terms effects of using black hat SEO techniques[Banned Search Engines]

The Google can block any site and if your content is against the Google policies your site will no longer visible in search engines.If your site will not be visible on the Google search engine,you will find that your more than 80% views will be down as it is the most using search engine.

Low value in market

Long terms effects of using black hat SEO techniques[Low value in Market]

Advertiser in the markets needs a blog with high traffic and high social followings.If your site is build on the bricks of bad SEO techniques then you will not get any more advertiser and even many good advertising agencies have policies to apply those accounts with good traffic.

You will feel alone

Long terms effects of using black hat SEO techniques[You will feel alone]

Every blogger wants him to have good neighbor and contacts for different projects and promotions.Bloggers with dump blogs never gets good contacts and even less respond on their site.Quality content is king,write good content to attract people.

Sorry,the page you are find doesn't exist

Finally,your blog will be closed or completely disappear from cyber.If you do not want to be happen this better follow Google rules to become a visible and popular blog around the blogger community.

Happy Blogging!
PC(You will feel alone):Reba J.Hoffman,PhD

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