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Codeanywhere, the most useful and multi platform code editor with cloud

The need of coding, no matter how small has increased with demand of time. Since I've been using different code editor online or offline, I've never found something like Codeanywhere. Its is an online code editor and maybe the only editor that have large variety of apps for almost all OS that covers the major smartphone/tablet market share.

The amazing thing is that you by Codeanywhere you can code in offline mode through your apps, and when your in Wifi zone or your internet connection starts it auto syncs your data to cloud and you can access in your PC.

With code Codeanywhere you will get the following advantages:

Free and premium upgrade

Whats your need? Does free is enough? Or you need more features? Analyze yourself and find the best plan that fits you the best.Either free or premium.
Features of different packages

Cloud Storage

In free account too, Codeanywhere gives as little space as 1MB of cloud storage but space not a matter at all because through Codeanywhere you can integrate your GitHub and Dropbox account. Its mean all the scripts you will be coding can be saved in Dropbox or in 1MB cloud storage.

In offline mode you can code through your apps and when you will go online the script will auto saved in cloud means always keep your scripts on safe place.

Mobile Apps

Codeanywhere, no doubt have large variety of apps for all most all operating systems covering the major part of the smartphone/tablet market,that are: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows and Blackberry.The below given data is collected by Gartner.
Well according to above stats it can be predicted that every smartphone/tablet user can access Codeanywhere through their devices.

Amazingly best interface for coding

Codeanywhere do not provide any live review of Codeanywhere but still it have the features that I've never seen in any editor. It provides syntax coloring and my favorite, the apps have additional buttons in keyboard.

The buttons are visible in top row which have the some commons brackets and several more stuff that is common in coding.

Download it, use it and leave a comment about your experience of Codeanywhere.

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