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Why to comment on any blog is the worst way to get backlinks or visitors?

People often thinks that comment on any blog is one of the best way to grow up a blog in community but why you are wrong check it out!
Why to comment on any blog is the worst way to get backlinks or visitors?

Commenting on any blog is one of those ways used by many foolish bloggers to increase visitors and get some backlinks. Actually, it is the most worst way to get visitors and get backlinks, because there are many reason behind it and that is what being discussed in this post have a look.

rel='nofollow' attribute on links in comments

Actually search engine never ranks the links in comments because the commenting systems are designed in a way that every link in a comment box have a attribute of rel='nofollow' to which many (almost) search engine do not rank them.

rel='nofollow' tells the search engines that not to follow a link. It is most common in the blogs who have open comments or guest books. The way you can create your better position in rankings and in community is to write some guest posts for their blogs.
All the bloggers or forum managers who knows that people are their who tries to spam them through links in comments have not to worry because almost every comment system add nofollow tag to links in comment.

Your comment is bieng deleted by author or marked as spam

There are blogs who have comment moderators or author it self do this duty to either delete a comment with spam link or mark it as spam. Even I only appreciate those links in comment which will help upcoming readers or evaluate discussion.

Those bloggers who want to increase number of comments and remove links, Disqus commenting system - that I know maybe there are more - let you edit the comment of anyone (if you are comment moderator) and you can easily remove the link from that.

You can be permanently banned from a community

Many commenting system and forum uses a higher management system that have ability to block specific user based on its sign-up information. Disqus is one of those commenting system that let your block a spcific user. Even you can create blacklist word that are prohibited on your blog.

Further, get banned on a forum or community is like to lose your reputation and your no more interaction with people. Stack Overflow is one of those forum through which you can interact many type of programmers and developers, but if you will add unwanted links then the moderators can either ban you or delete your answer, which is not good impression on other people in community.

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