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How to add HTML alt and title attribute on image in Blogger?

Adding alt and title attribute on image in Blogger is as easy as pie. No need to change any code. These attributes play a great role in SEO too.
Alt and title tag image

The alt and title attributes are not useless, instead they provide a contextual detail of an image. They both have text, but have different uses. Usually, people take them as a same context but they are different in sense of use. Further, they have importance in SEO, as they provide contextual detail so search engines can crawl some details with them. Lets have a look how to add these attributes.

What to add in them?

Alt means alternative or alternate. This attribute helps is a way that when image doesn't load (for any reason) then the text appears in place of that. Title attribute helps is a way that when someone hovers on image it appears on screen. Any important detail you want to show can be used in title attribute.

Adding alt and title attribute

Add any simple image by using image icon, as image appear on post click on and click add properties. Add your desire text for each of them, and make sure they are different so add different text to make it more productive. You can also make your links more productive by adding title tag on them.

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