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How to create a Blogger template starting from zero [Notes Part 1/3]

This post will describe how to create a Blogger template from very starting. This is first part of series that describe about the starting notes.

The idea of creation of this series of post for creating Blogger template from starting is given by a reader.
Well, this is the first part of this series, I named it as Notes, because from a Science student to front end to designer everyone make notes. So, what to in notes? Actually, in notes you are going to bring all your inspiration, innovation and imagination on a piece of paper. Have a look on my notes:

1. Figure out your needs

Grab a note book and start writing your needs what you have and what you want? Do you want a personal blog design, a team blog or a magazine. After figuring out, start listing out the following stuff:

The design of post

Index Pages: We have 3 types of pages in Blogger, for each type you can have different post style. First is Index pages (like homepage, search pages or label based pages), these pages shows a glitch of the post. You can read my article: 5 ways to display post on homepage. Well, the post on homepage could have following stuff:
  • Post title
  • First Image
  • Summary
  • Meta Data
  • Jumplink
  • Sharing buttons
Post: The second type of page we have is post pages, it is the actual page where a particular post exist. These pages shows the whole post with some extra elements like:
  • Title
  • Meta Data
  • Sharing Buttons
  • Post Content
  • Author Bio
  • Related Post
  • Subscription Box
Page: Finally, the third type of page is custom Page. It is a page where extra content like Contact Us details or Guest post details are mentioned. These type of pages sometimes need some extra configurations and they do not have sharing buttons or any other such kind of stuff. It includes:
  • Title
  • Page content

The widgets you require

According to the demand of a template you need to figure out your demand of widgets, for example if you need recent post widget which is not given by Blogger (not till now), so you have to code it on your own. Further if you want to make a multiple tab menu at sidebar or any such kind of widget you have to either code it on your own or find any code.

In-detail notes

Do not forget to note down some detail points like typography and other features.More details can be written are: Listing style or any other design tweek you've seen while browsing through web. In my upcoming posts I'm going to tell more about design stay tuned.

So finally, what will be my notes

My notes


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