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How to create a Blogger template starting from zero [Design Part 2/3]

This post will describe how to create a Blogger template from very starting. This is second part of the series which let you create an impressive design.

In first post, we have created notes and a mind map that how it will look or feel, but still we do not have any visual of that design. So, this post will tell you how can you get those ideas and inspiration on canvas.

Well, many of us and many of us don't use Photoshop as a web-designing tool and do not create a PSD of template. Even, in many cases I also do not create design on Photoshop because it takes a lot of time. But when it comes to a professional design, so you should be professional too. So lets have a look on further details:

Before giving out any design you must remember your needs (you noted down according to previous post) and second is your design layout (which element would stay where).

Take inspiration

To get the best idea (according to me) is to look after some inspirations of some well known designers and sources. You can go to following sources to checkout inspirations:

Adjust your needs and inspiration

The template which inspires you the most, take it as target and try to fit your needs according to it. The best thing you can do is try to copy the color scheme and typography, because these two major things fill a big gap between a noob and a popular design.

It is not necessary that all your needs fit with your inspiration, but the best thing you can do is try the best and give output as much as you can because output never bigger than input so if you will give 100% it might give a fascinating design.

Start putting your ideas

Next, start creating your ideas on canvas using Photoshop. PSD Tuts have given 45 tutorials, you can check them out and start working on it. Either you can create your template on Photoshop or you can draw it on a notebook. But again when it comes to professionalism you should try Photoshop.

Last Words

Every good start have a best ending. The best your will put your ideas on canvas, the best you can code on upcoming project. If you are creating template for any client I recommend you to give PSD with your template, it will give a plus point in your project.

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