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New feature of blog is announced in an online code editor, Codepen

Codepen has launched its free blog feature to its users. It is a best way to attract your readers and increase visitors back to your blog.

An online code editor, Codepen is a now one more step ahead after launching blog feature with its code editor. Well Codepen seems different from other online editors in a way that it gives ability to embed pens, good pens featured on home page and more. This post will give all the positive ways through which you can take most from your Codepen blog. Have a look:

Describe your code

All above, describing your code to your prestige followers is the most best way to use your Codepen blog. With every pen you can either give your Codepen blog link or any other blog link. As you will now host your blog on Codepen so you can easily describe and give tutorial on the go with your posts. Further it will also help in making fan following.

Attract visitors to your own blog

Seriously, Codepen blog could be one of the best way to attract visitors to your own personal blog. You can add relevant links in your Codepen blog posts and rest will done by visitors. But make sure links do not have dofollow attribute it means your backlink won't be ranked by Search Engines. But still good linking can increase your visitors rate.

Create your friendly community

Codepen blog have comment box, it means you can create your community by posting some good quality articles and replying comments decently will surely make a small community on that pretty blog. But for that make sure that your content for the people not for any third advantage because spamming is the dump way to call for good and loyal readers.

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