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Blogger feed URLs to get all Blogger feeds data in JSON or XML

Get all the content of Blogger posts and blog in JSON and XML via these Blogger feed URLs.
Blogger Feed URLs

Blogger feeds are actually a contextual data of what we post on Blogger and feed URL is a location where these data could be found. While we move our blog to any other CMS (content management system) these feeds help to move them. These feeds contain all the possible data a blog can have like title, description, labels, posts, authors etc. While you can use them while staying in Blogger by fetching the data (explaining in next post) and display them as recent posts or label categorized posts. Have a look at feed URLs.


This is an example of a Blogger feed URL, check it so you may know how does it looks.
The above URL will return posts only. Read the further post to know about different feed URLs.

The feed you are looking at is in XML, well the URL have several parameters through which we can get the feeds according to our needs. Following are parameters (currently in my memory).

But before heading to parameters you should know how to insert them in URL. First parameter goes with ? and then all parameters goes with & like this.


alt : This parameters returns the desired output format of a Blogger feed that is either xml (default) or json.
max-results : The number of posts to return. Value should be a number.
q : This parameter allows you to search for a specific query. The value should be a string like q=blogger%20tips (HTML spaces should be replaced by %20).
redirect : This parameter is only used in rare conditions. The values are boolean that means either true (default) or false. This helps some browser to read the details correctly when you are redirected to feed burner to send feeds via emails.
start-index : This parameter contain a number that tells from which post to start showing feeds.
by-date : This parameter is used while using q parameter, as this parameter shows the posts by date instead of relevancy of query.

Other Feed URLs

As I mentioned above that there are several feed URLs to fetch different stuff of the blog. The parameters mentioned above can be displayed with any of them.

Recent Posts

Recent Comments

Recent Posts By Label
Replace Snippets with your label and do not forget to use %20 for space.


There are lots of fun you can do with these feed URLs to fetch different data and to display them as you want. You can make something from nothing just by them, try if you find something not clear hit me in comments.

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