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5 Web Developers you should follow on Twitter in 2014

The list of 5 developers, I'm hardcore fan of and why?
5 Web Developers you should follow on Twitter in 2014

Every newbie need some inspiration and kick to start its own engine. Same goes with me I always stay inspired and that is what me more hungry and passionate for what I do and want to. I'm listing out a designers and developers I do still follow in 2014.

David Walsh (@davidwalshblog)

David Walsh is one of the most inspiring developer, code's with sense of development and evidences. Well organized and writes on hot topics, most demanded and curious tricks, Specially CSS, do follow him. His blog is Davidwalsh

Chris Coyer (@chriscoyier)

Yet inspiring, since I get known since I'm in this world of 2.0. Chris is been my favorite due to some of the most demanded tricks of CSS and SASS. He writes for CSS-Tricks.

David Desandro (@desandro)

Desandro is been my favourite  because he given us one of the best open source Javascript plugin of Masonry, further he is a developer of Twitter and have some more projects we love today like Isotope.

Mary Lou (@crnacura)

I use to read Mary's articles on Codrops, she writes on creative Javscript, CSS3 and jQuery scripts that mostly targets animated and creative stuff that normally people do not discuss about. That includes different style of slider, loader, animation and buttons.

Sara Soueidan (@SaraSoueidan)

Sara is been an inspiration for me due to her amazing articles on SVG and her public speaking. I checked out some of the events she covered on her website, I'm totally impressed. She have written for some of the most favourite blogs of mine like CSS-Tricks and Codrops.


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