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6 reasons to use Font Awesome

Font awesome is the best font icons that can e used. I discussed 6 reason to use them.
6 reasons to use Font Awesome

Using Font Awesome in my designs is been a great experience of using font icons, less coding, easy to implement and many more features. I found it helpful in 6 different ways have a look at them.

1. Easy to use

Font Awesome is the font that is easy to use, further a huge cheat-sheet have CSS classes and unicode to implement it into template.

2. Scalable

Beside of using images, fonts are scalable that is resizeable. They can be resized by just changing the font size and you are on.

3. No colours limit

Font icons do not have any colours limit. Just change the font colour and your icon will have the colour.

4. 479 icons (till date update)

479 icons are till now added in just one font. That include all most all of the required icons in web designing. Further you can demand icons on this page.

5. No Javascript

Font Awesome do not have any Javascript, they are totally part of CSS and can be edited through CSS font properties, unless you do some client side stuff to change the CSS properties.

6. Browser Support

Font icons have astounding browser support of even IE6, that means no more worries of browser support. However you can't use the CSS class to use them, you need to use Uni-code only because Font Awesome uses CSS3 pseudo elements to implement in CSS class which are not supported in older browsers.


Font Awesome are free for commercial users too, have a large icon stack and many more features of being a font icons. I used and found them more useful than my thoughts.

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