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Trendy: Search bar in a popup with live search

Live searches in a popup, not a bad idea when the outcome is less reloading of pages which then adds a plus point in user experience.

What I see in today's developers' mind is a search button which popups a container covering the whole screen with a search bar at the top. One a key press a list of posts start displaying and that's what attracted me. I tried making it for Blogger and succeeded. I'll be In Shah Allah updating my blog with this new trend soon.

So what?

While I was reading some web designing trends of #2015. I found one useful, was long scrolling site one pager sites because people do not like page refreshing, so when I relate it with live search I found it a good solution for users as it reduces the number of reloading in pages, especially for mobile users.

Further in whole searching process not a single page reloading take place. Secondly I found a few more things cool were: style and creativity. In Sara Soueidan's blog I found the live searches with very cool style of minimal style with black border in searches.

The search experience can be more enhanced by adding some animations like wipe effect instead of fade while popup shows. Secondly, a few days before I found these pretty cool text input effects on Codrops, you can add them too.

Further integrations could be load more button or auto loading of search results on scroll, and yes you can add ad banners in between search results like after 5 results a small banner; not a bad idea. That's what I've seen in Google Custom Search. Not forget to add a close button with popup or else user have to refresh to remove the popup (a bad one).

One of the most important factor that influences more clicks is media, if you can add small thumbnails besides the search result of each post, that would definitely going to help you out.

Major Outcomes

Some of the major outcomes of this will be:

  • User no more is going to reload the page for each search.
  • Auto loading of search results will increase use experience (a plus one).
  • A good design is a popular design, attract others with your creative stuff.
  • This one makes the searching more faster.

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