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10 reasons why I hate Bloggers today

Blogging is way more relevant way to share your experiences and thoughts. Beyond that I think, bloggers never thought of that sharing something they want to share instead what people want to listen.

This is kind of post that I never use to post but seriously a recent experience of mine has make me to publish this post on my this very own blog.

Today when I searched a query related to front-end, I found almost all of the result on first search page had the same script for a solution whereas, many solutions could be their. Well, I can't highlight the blogs because I think that something unethical. So what should we can do to stop it?


Copy-cats were always their to share content of others, not matter Facebook status or blog posts. I even found many duplicate posts of mine blog on others (can't mention). Well, I do report these kind of blogs so that duplicate content can be eliminated.

As I shared above about my experience, I think if these kind of cases will increases today, then I think after a few years we will see more duplicate content than we see today. Google is working hard on that to tackle the copying stuff but still hard to handle.

For those who have same post on different pages on same domain, make sure you use rel='canonical' with link tag to make sure that Google do not penalize your site for duplication of your own content.

To any blog owner I request to put some sort of code-of-conduct for readers so that readers know their boundaries of what can be copied and what is open sourced.

No researched work

When I post something on my blog it takes me 3 to 4 days to research and then I write or publish the post with complete and proper content. Looking at some professional front-end blogger's blog always give-out some useful information related to any issue.

Those bloggers having those repeated discussions on their blog never gets the good readership and a person will never want to visit that blog which have nothing researched work but old discussions.

The best way to post your blog is to take time, we all know that content matters a lot in good readership so instead of posting 4 to 5 posts a week, make it a less so that you can do some research and add some more mindful information in your post.

Well, research work doesn't mean to stick with Google, NO. The best way to do your research work is to do some practical work in a live environment and read some facts and figures that are important in that particular discussion.

No resourceful links

Link Building\

Content linking is very important is blogging. No matter the content links to yours or others blog. Linking some other's blog will not let your blog down or decrease your readership,but will increase the quality of your content.

There are various advantages of linking, especially internal linking; that includes better search engine rankings, better readerships and page views. When adding a link make sure to add title attribute with link because I've read somewhere that title describes more about link instead of anchor text. Secondly, title tag provides a text description of that link to search engines.

But seriously, linking should be done in a neutral amount because to a human and a search engine bot both for them so many links on a single post is kind of spam. Use the links effectively will have good output.

No Demos

Coding is all about practical examples and people want to see the code in action, having a code without any demo never attracts a readers. There are many services online including Codepen that gives you an option to embed the pen inside your site.

Those who have servers hosted, they can showcase their codes in way more ways than anyone else. Displaying some code have majorly two benefits: first, it creates interest in your readers and gets a live demo of that. Secondly, it is a plus point that you can give out demos creatively which will ultimately transform your follower into a loyal one.

Losing Blogging Ethics

A blog is a part of social media where author publishes the post, hold on where is the other? Many bloggers never introduce them selves in blog. Name is not enough, do give your email or other contact info. As well as do share your profile completely on your blog to show who you are, so that readers will take you personally.

Major reason of blogging is to share what you read, many of us do not have accessible social media icons, which I think should be a part of every blog post and yes also do connect some social media plugins to help your blog be more socialize. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have way more plugins than your needs.

Blog is about socializing the content and getting people's review, so why not comments. Do add comments, actually this what makes a blog complete.

Tons of advertisements

Come on people blogging not about making money only, however adding some bucks to your pocket is fine but when some one visits your blog don't let him feel like he has entered in a super market. The lesser ads will be their, the more reader will enjoy your blog.

When it comes to adding advertisement, make sure that you add only relevant ads which are of relevant size so that ads don't hide your content or disgrace it. Secondly, services like adsense lets you chose the topic of ads so make sure that the topic should meet your blog genre that would make you more money and will more suit your blog.

The last comment on advertising is that never use inline text ads, seriously guys does it worth it that for some bucks you are actually sacrificing your whole content. These ads are actually killing the beauty of your content so if you wish to have a user friendly blog, then avoid them.

Mobile friendly

Mobile image
Ah... This zooming and scrolling kind of stuff sucks while reading something in mobile unless Safari changes it in reading mode. Today we have a huge amount of mobile users so to make sure their reliability, we should make our blog responsive and enough big fonts that can be readable without zooming.

Google also highlights your site as Mobile-friendly in search engine if it meets the demand of a responsive site, and also gives a higher priority to responsive sites like good search rankings. Its all because people are coming more and more towards small screen sizes.

I've discussed a large series of responsive design for developers to make a site responsive and special tutorials for Blogger users. Which will help you out tackle the responsive design problems.

Outdated designs

The good design is popular design, since every blogger have a choice to get a good design of the Content Management System, therefore I will recommend the latest one because if readers will enjoy reading your blog they will be more loyal to your blog and that is what design do.

A good design of a blog have lesser spaces for others than the main content, since it is a focus of any blog. A good design belongs to good readable fonts, simply understandable icons and a flat design color theme. These all design elements will make your blog better.

If you are looking for some sort of premium design then you can head to Themeforest that have currently a large numbers of premium items and still many free themes are available online to make your blog worthy.

No Socializing

The author itself and the blog, both should be connected to social media services so that people can interact through. Every new blog post and even some more info should be shared in order to maintain a good readership status with your readers.

Providing personal social accounts make people attach with you because people want to hear more and more from the author they follow. Hence, ever blogger should be should be socially active so that people may know whats going on with you. No matter what you share on your social accounts, no matter it belongs something to your interest but still do provide social account links for your readers.

Socializing also prefer to be connected and in blogging I mean with contacting through emails and all that kind of stuff. Well I understand the problem behind that even I am facing many right now but believe me this is what make you worthy for reader.

No updates for weeks

No matter how much your content good or how much ranking your blog is getting right now but those blogs which stays non-active for weeks slowly and gradually loses its reputation and readers too. A good blog is that update twice a week or once at least.

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a blog on weekly basis but I have some solutions for that:
  1. Say hello to guest posts, guest posts obviously stays the blog updates. All you need to do is to set up a guest post stuff in your blog and make sure that you give some sort of advantages to author like back links and all that. Do not accept any guest post, do check and if only it competes your requirements then only publish it.
  2. Save some draft for futures. It is a precaution if you are going to have tough week than have some back up of posts to stay updated.


Blogging could be hobby or interest but you are not the only person connected but beside that readers are connected to your blogs. To make sure that they feel good reading tour blog it is important to follow the basic principles of blogging.

These were my point of view of bad blogs, whats yours give me in comments.

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