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Lavazi v1.1 update - jQuery plugin to turn your navigation to lava lamp navigation

One more updated and better version of Lavazi to turn your navigation into lava lamp.

After a good response on Lavazi, I tried to make it more better then previous one. I retested and took some more reviews and finally after improving some bugs and adding re-sizable height option introducing Lavazi v1.1.
New Updates:
  1. Bug fixing and improvement.
  2. Option to change height of lava lamp.


See the Pen Lavazi - Lava lamp jQuery navigation plugin by Mohammad Hamza Dhamiya (@hamzadhamiya) on CodePen.


Option Type Description Default
background string Color code to change lamp color.Accepts rgba, rgb and hex color codes. #222
height integer Height of the lamp. The unit would be pixel but no need to write 4
activeClass string The class of the current active page link so that lamp stay here at default. If there would be no active class it will choose the first link as active. selected
theme string Style of lamp. Possible values: simple, arrow, rounded simple
transitionTime integer The time duration in millisecond for movement of lamp from one link to other. 300

Destroy or remove lamp

There is no Javascript or jQuery for that. The plugin will always work but to remove the lamp, set the lamp to display none.
display:none !important;

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