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How is it like to introduce ads on a new blog or site

Never get too fast to put ads on site.

Well, its a freaking article I'm writing for those newly open bloggers and site owners who are in that dump thing of introducing those large banners on their lose sites can make their pockets heavier. In that case they are quite wrong because the life is complex and we should know that.

Watch the movie "The social network" always reminds me of introducing advertistment, and that's the reason my blog doesn't have ads from a long time, but it doesn't mean I will never put some but not right now. The thing is the ads destroy your site like you've invited some friends in party and party is going to be over at 12 O clock - from Social network movie.

I'd read some articles on MOZ blog and some others of what is going on in Google's update. I found that sites with lower UX doesn't get Google friendly and remember that:

People don't like the design which doesn't like the people

So make the design and you content for people because people are their who are interested in you content rater than those ads.

If ads, then which one?

I always focused on maintaining blog's UX by giving right ads out there, firstly make sure that when you start a new blog or site never throw ads too early, take some time to gather enough readers because then ads will work and let you earn.

Secondly, ads never works with sh*t design, make the design for content and for ads, those ads block between content never gets a good impression. The blocks on right place like above the fold and near to content gets more attention and are called as "Hot Ad Places".

Thirdly, you should know what you are taking about on your blog. If your blog is about photography, fashion or news blog then make sure that the ads should be shown of the same kind because person never clicks the ad unless he is interested in one.

Do you know something about ads providers? Well before putting up ads, do some research work on which ads provider you can use, Adsense, are some of the famous out there working best for bloggers like us. They have a good payment options and provide variety of ads category.

Never impose your ads

Okay now lets throw some ads on users face right? Never do that, I know some sh*t local sites out there with some many popups that sounds like an e-bomb for the users. Secondly, you know what? not only user but ads provider never like such kind of low graded activities. If they find some in their publisher list doing some this kind of stuff they immediately ban the publisher to show ads.

Putting so many ads decreases the value of the content and this one makes me repeat that content is the king so make it worthy not the ads.

If you need some help on which is the right time to throw ads, kindly ask me or someone experienced out there. You can always contact me at [email protected]

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