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7 WordPress Plugins That Offer Remarkable Mobile Solution

WordPress plugins that ensures ultimate mobile optimization.
WordPress has definitely broken new grounds persistently when it comes to offering a platform to webmasters where they can develop an impressive website that can reach a gigantic user base and deliver an outstanding UX.

However, in this mobile age, creating only a WP site won't guarantee a surefire web presence. More and more people prefer mobile devices for accessing the Internet. In fact, Google has announced that it will penalize the websites, which are not mobile optimized with poor search ranks. Thus, without a mobile-friendly site, you will lose a whopping number of mobile viewers.

Therefore, in order to efficiently target your potential audience, you need to make it certain that your site can be accessed with a breeze on-the-go and it appears riveting on all devices. Luckily, the WordPress plugin development by WP professionals across the globe has offered a slew of blissful prolific plugins, including free and premium that can help you easily reach both mobile devices and desktops.

Let's distill the WP plugins that ensures ultimate mobile optimization.

1. Mobiloud

Mobiloud is an amazing WordPress plugin that enables one to proficiently port his website into a native mobile application. Although it supports only Android and iOS mobile platforms, you can conveniently target the major mobile market. This plugin is easy-to-use and doesn't demand any coding. The plugin is available for free; however, you have to pay a minimal amount to publish your app in the app stores (Android apps in the Google Play Store and iOS apps in the Apple App Store).

2. WP Mobile Plugin

WP Mobile Plugin is a versatile plugin that not only offers a mobile solution for your WP website or blog, but also organize the web content in a clean and crisp fashion. It, thus, ensures a captivating and legible mobile solution to facilitate easy readability and navigation to the mobile users. You can customize your menu and navigation in a desired fashion, and make your WP site mobile friendly without tweaking the code of your theme.

3. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

This is yet another amazing plugin that will transform your WP site into a mobile-optimized website. It makes the site content legible, while making the site easily accessible and loading blazingly fast. You will get all the basic functions with its free version, including custom code, typography, and language detection to name a few. This resourceful plugin is absolutely easy to install and offers an option to your visitors to choose between the regular theme and mobile-only website. For advanced features, you can invest in its pro version which is available at an affordable price.

4. Handheld Mobile Plugin

This blissful plugin smoothly runs alongside your theme, and thus, offers an impressive alternative, which can be used to target mobile viewers. The layout offered by this plugin will represent your posts and pages in a legible fashion that can load quickly. It offers brilliant features, including blog layout, AJAX loading, myriads of options for styling, and a lot more. Hence, it can be said that this premium plugin is a great value for money.

5. iThemes Mobile

This premium WP plugin offers great features that enable one to easily tailor the look and feel with a flair via its user-friendly Options Panel. The plugin comes complete with some ready-to-use themes, but you may also choose to personalize your theme by using the custom code. Most interestingly, the plugin allows one to set different visual appearance for different devices or mobile OS that is you can set a theme for Android, and another for iOS, and so forth. This feature of the plugin makes it stand ahead of the other plugins.

6. Blappsta Mobile App Plugin - Your native app for iPhone and Android

Another useful plugin that allows one to easily turn his blog into a native mobile application. It offers support for iPhone and Android devices. You can efficiently develop a native app of your choice within a few minutes by using this plugin. It provides a great control so you can tailor the look and feel of your app as per your taste and create an intuitive and intriguing native app. Furthermore, it also allows one to instantly test his app to ensure its surefire performance.

7. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Editor is an ultimate plugin that automatically identifies the devices used by your visitors and showcase the design by taking the targeted device into account. This means, it first determines whether it is a mobile device or desktop, then accordingly, it chooses between a mobile-specific theme and your regular theme. While offering this function automatically, it also enables visitors to make a choice between mobile-only and desktop theme. You can also embed AdSense, display your latest posts, include social links, etc., in your blog.

Get any of these plugins installed for an exquisite mobile-optimized WP website and effortlessly set high visibility to your site. This will surely benefit your business by allowing you to proficiently promote your products and services across the world.

This guest post is written by Ava Garcia is a WordPress developer by profession and is working with OSSMedia Ltd- a WordPress Outsourcing and PSD to WordPress theme conversion services company for the last 5 years. She loves to share information regarding to web technology.
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