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Is there any Blogger short codes exist

Blogger short codes are unofficial tool created by someone. There are no native codes to make that kind of thing in Blogger neither fully supported.

Recent trend among Blogger developers is short codes, which is I think initiated by My Blogger Tricks. I appreciate their work but on certain levels. Really is there any native features given by Blogger? Well, in start let me tell you there is not any feature unclosed by Blogger on any official blog, email or announcement. Then what it is actually?
Blogger doesn't allows any server side scripting, neither provides native access to post content like altering the content. However customization of headings, blockquotes and other stuff is possible with CSS, beside that we can't do anything.

Short codes are popular in Wordpress because developers can do that with PHP and user can simply access them while writing a blog post in post editor, well a rich system. This is done back end and browser never get involved in altering such content.

Blogger since do not have back end capability due to which HTML, CSS, Javascript and Blogger layout data tags are source of design and development. Basically, shortcodes that are provided by My Blogger Tricks are not created natively, they work perfectly because they are developed by front end languages.

Front end languages involves browser that means unless the page loads, the short codes are not called short codes but the simple text. Well you may ask:

If this works correctly then why shouldn't we use that?

There are major stuff you need to know first: they used jQuery for that and second: this is not native at all.

jQuery is a Javascript library so technically this short code script is written in Javascript. Browser read Javascript and make that code turn into action. Browser have default setting to run Javascript but you know what? If any user turn that off which is totally insane in web today then short code won't work.

Since it uses jQuery but exactly what version is required is unknown, so there are possibilities of breaking script. Javascript is not totally supported in all browsers, older versions of Internet Explorer are real issue. I didn't find any fallback information on their article and neither any fallback on unable Javascript option. So you should be a bit worry about it.

Since it is not native so you will never find any official support from Blogger team neither any unofficial developer unless you contact directly from My Blogger Tricks, this is one of the reason that why today no one is taking about them because they are not promising solution at all.

A non developer thought

I will not regret their work, they've done a fantastic job as a developer but that is not user friendly in many cases as I described above. Using this kind of unofficial stuff can cause your blog in broken form. Try to make your content more healthy but searching more and more.

Use features that are present already, like title, blockquote, listing and other stuff in text editor. They are more than enough to fill your needs. Do not forget to see at right side of your post editor where you label your post, schedule them, add search description and some more options like custom links.

Never compare yourself from other content management system because Blogger is quite enough to fill every blog's needs. Further as a developer if we work hard then we can do more than we think. Couple of weeks back, some development were done by Blogger Developers to make it more developer friendly system.

Note: This post is not a criticism neither targeting to My Blogger tricks. This post is a draw back to all who are using them.

Thanks for reading, if you have any thought related to this add in comments.

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